Never Have Back Pain Again

You never need to have back pain again. Once you know a few things about your particular issue you will have the power to end your pain forever.

There are ways to prevent back pain, and ways to eliminate it. Some of them are the same. In these cases, knowing how to heal yourself also means knowing how to prevent back pain, and vice versa.

Then, there are the healing methods that are not needed to prevent pain. There really aren’t that many of those.

One healing technique is adjusting misaligned bones that cause pain. This can be done yourself with Self Adjusting Technique. Or, you can spend money on a chiropractor that will likely use forceful techniques to crack the joints back into place.

Self Adjusting Technique is done with minimal pressure on the joints coupled with movement to gently move joints back into place. And, since there is no force there is no scary crack when the joint moves back into place.

In fact, because it is so gentle people don’t always know any change has happened. They only realize the pain is gone when they move in a way that previously hurt.

Another way to keep back pain away is to keep your body strong and healthy. Exercise is great for that, but diet is also important. Self Adjusting Technique covers diet, and the free book that comes with it covers exercise and stretching techniques that can keep you in great shape.

On of the main factors in staying strong and healthy is keeping your adrenal glands strong. Adrenal fatigue is an all too common issue that modern medicine doesn’t recognize as being a problem at all. For them, the adrenal glands either work, or they don’t. There is no middle ground. Funny when you think about it, they see all other organs as deteriorating, but not most of the glands.

You can learn more about keeping the adrenal glands healthy in Adrenal Fatigue, Get Your Life Back. The main thing is to avoid junk food, great advice for anyone!

Another preventive technique is to avoid any actions that can cause back pain. That means lifting with your legs and not your back. We’ve all heard this one, but it wasn’t until I hurt my back that I learned that the damage is cumulative. So, even if you are young and very strong the advice is still some of the best you can follow.

Twisting and lifting is another harmful maneuver. Even a relatively small weight can cause a big problem if you twist and lift something. It only take one or two steps to approach your load head on.

Most of this article is about lower back problems which is the most common back complaint there is. Of course, there are many other problems that you can have. Neck pain, middle back pain, pain caused by ribs out of alignment and hip pain are the main primary issues you can develop.

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